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Pre-rolled joint production is the foundation and core of our business. Just as cultivators care for their plants, genetics and growing techniques, we’re passionate about creating the best pre-rolled products possible, to fully showcase our customers’ brands. We’ve spent years gaining vast research data and developing proprietary technology, equipment and processes that enable us to stay true to our quality promise. Focusing on everything from curing methods and residual moisture content, to ground particle sizes and consistencies; our processes allow us separate stems, create an even, homogenized grind and produce any size pre-roll at the highest quality standard. 

Pre-Roll Production

Our Process


Stem Separation

& Removal

Grinding &




Hemp colas contain stems that are sporadic and extremely tedious to remove. Many pre-roll companies grind their hemp flowers whole to camouflage the stems in their final product. Because stems are known to cause headaches, negatively impact flavor and lower overall product quality, Pineworx has developed specialized processes to remove the stems and deliver a premium product, without cutting corners.

Grind consistency is one of the most crucial components of a quality pre-rolled product. A grind that is uneven or too course will cause air pockets and create areas of varying densities, making it impossible for the joint to burn properly. Too fine of a grind can be damaging to the plant, yielding a harsher burn and allowing plant particles to escape through the mouthpiece. At Pineworx, we utilize a slow, low temperature grinding process to keep the plants’ trichomes in-tact, maintain a uniform particle size and produce a consistent, fluffy blend. 

Our bread and butter. Pineworx pre-rolls are the result of years of experience combined with revolutionary technology and processes. Unsurpassed in packing quality, each pre-roll is hand inspected and guaranteed to satisfy. We’re setup to process and pack all types of biomass material, including flower, small “popcorn nugs”, trim and herbal mixtures. Pre-roll production services are available for nearly all sizes and weights. Typical pre-rolls range from 0.5 grams of hemp, to larger 1.5 gram sizes. 

Our Papers

Numerous paper sizes, brands and materials are available. Materials include cellulose, natural/unrefined and organic hemp. 
Custom printed papers are also available with full color printing on the crutch/mouthpiece, and soy ink printing on the paper itself. Minimum order quantities for custom papers vary based on material and printing preferences. 

Custom Packaging

Pineworx offers an endless array of packaging options for businesses looking to brand their own pre-rolls. Whether you’re looking to seal your pre-rolled products individually or offer them in a larger quantity cartons, our design team works to bring your ideas to fruition. 

Product Fulfillment

Once packaging is printed and pre-roll production is complete, customers have the option of receiving their items in bulk, or utilizing Pineworx’s fulfillment services to deliver them as a shelf ready product. This process includes, but is not limited to, erecting boxes, filling tubes, labeling, sealing and combining each element of the product into a consumer-facing packaged good. Because this is one of the most time consuming stages of the process and product sealing requires particular equipment, our clients enjoy the benefit of having Pineworx package their products for them.

Branding & Design

Our team of competent graphic artists has an extensive background of delivering results and we’re full of creative ideas to make your brand stand apart from the competition. No matter what the design project, Pineworx can help.

• Logo design
• Packaging design
• Website development

• Photography & videography
• Digital & print media 
• Clothing & apparel

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