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Welcome to Pineworx, the pre-rolled hemp specialists; your one-stop-shop for developing premium quality pre-rolled hemp products and brands. 

Utilizing proprietary equipment, years of experience and vast research data, we proudly deliver pre-rolled joints of the highest quality standard, with the highest accuracy in the industry. Our pre-roll company's unique process has been fine tuned to fully showcase the plant’s delicious flavors, deliver an optimal burn and eliminate the hassle of rolling in-house.


Whether a project entails receiving biomass from our clients, or assisting them in sourcing process, we’re setup to utilize all types of hemp material and convert it into the finest packed, most evenly burning pre-rolled joints on the market. 

Serving retailers, brands, farms and entrepreneurs; our team of engineers, designers, packaging specialists and hemp enthusiasts works directly with our clients to develop custom-tailored solutions from the ground up. Whether our customers prefer their products packed in tubes, tins, boxes, or have a great new idea for custom packaging, Pineworx takes your vision and turns it into a shelf-ready hemp product.

About Us

In 2012, our group of professionals from various industries came together through a common passion and goal to create the finest pre-rolled products the world had ever seen. At the time, pre-rolled joints available in dispensaries held a negative stigma that was deeply engrained in the minds of consumers. A majority of these products contained low quality material and were packed either too tight to smoke properly, or too loose to maintain an even burn. To this day, industrial production equipment remains nearly non-existent, leaving companies with few options other than to roll their joints by hand.

Our first branded project, Jay’s Pre-Rolls, was created to revamp the marketplace through professional branding and consistent, premium quality products. The following years were consumed with countless hours of R&D, trial and error and prototype after prototype, until our team finally developed a technology and process to produce the perfect pre-rolled joint. 

As Jay’s Pre-Rolls became a success and pre-rolled products began to gain traction in the marketplace, our focus shifted from pushing our own products towards helping to drive industry progress and quality forward as a whole. By making our equipment, technology and subject knowledge available to outside companies, we’ve become a value added partner, helping businesses create new, premium quality brands, and assisting in taking their established brands to the next level. Today, we’re working with retailers, farms, brands and entrepreneurs to maximize their pre-roll quality, increase production capacity, develop professional branding and packaging, and alleviate the hassle of rolling in house.


Our mission is to offer clients the highest degree of customer service and assist them in developing the finest pre-rolled products possible. We strive to continuously innovate new ways of improving product quality, convenience, sustainability and appeal for the ultimate benefit of our clients and the end consumer.



Become the world’s premier producer of pre-rolled products, equipment and processes, partnering with select companies to revolutionize quality, accessibility and consumer experience.

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